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Neighbourhood Watch

Box Grove Neighbourhood Watch


North Coordinator:
Glen Hugh

South Coordinator:
Nathan David

York Region Police:

Neighbourhood Watch
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Neighbourhood Watch is a program aimed at reducing crime in the community, through the active participation of neighbours in crime prevention. It involves getting to know one's neighbours and working together to combat crime in your area the most effective way - before it starts.
Citizens are taught how to make their homes less inviting as a target for thieves, making their personal property less desirable to burglars and how to be alert to suspicious activity in the neighbourhood.

The Box Grove Neighbourhood Watch is a program that is supported by York Regional Police. With over 300 active participants today, neighborhood watch signs are present in the gateways of the community.
Locations of the signs indicated in the maps on the right.

Looking for Block Captain Volunteers

The success of the program relies on active community participants and 'Block Captains' volunteers. Each block or group of homes requires a Block Captain to help drive awareness, communication and act as the liaison between the residents within their area and the Box Grove Area Coordinators.We encourage Box Grove residents to get involved in the Neighbourhood Watch Program. So far many volunteers have come forward, however there are still many streets in the community that requires Block Captains to lead their street's Neighbourhood Watch efforts.

Role of Block Captain:

It is not a huge time commitment or a lot of work. If break-ins, acts of vandalism or other situations occur, the residents (a.k.a. Watch Members) alert the police and their block captain who then reports the incident to their assigned Area Coordinator. The block captain will also notify the other area block captains if required. The Area Coordinator summarizes the incidents and sends to the Police and all block captains on a monthly basis.
Click on here for a diagram of the reporting structure and personal/home safety tips to keep our homes and families safe..

Click on here for a diagram of the reporting structure and personal/home safety tips to keep our homes and families safe.

Signage locations
Box Grove Community (N. of 14th Ave)

Box Grove Community (North of 14th Avenue)

Signage locations
Box Grove Community (S. of 14th Ave)
Box Grove Community (South of 14th Avenue)
Download Neighbouhood Watch Info Package
What Neighbourhood Watch is:
  • A commitment to improve your home security.
  • A commitment to be concerned about your neighbour’s property as well as your own.  After all, a watchful neighbour is the best burglar alarm!
  • A commitment to report any crime that is occurring and any suspicious activity to the police and then to your neighbours.  Talk to your neighbours, keep them abreast of current crime trends and crime prevention techniques.
What Neighbourhood Watch isn't:
  • Neighbourhood Watch does not require you to perform any special tasks, go to a lot of meetings or take on extra responsibilities.
  • You don’t have to patrol the neighbourhood or chase burglars.  Neighbourhood Watch just involves being alert as part of your everyday life.  For example, when you go to the window to open or close the drapes, instead of just opening or closing them and turning away, you might stop for a second and take a quick glance around your neighbourhood to ensure that everything is as it should be.
  • Being a part of Neighbourhood Watch does not require you to know your neighbour’s business.  All that is required is that you are familiar enough with your neighbours to be aware of who belongs and who doesn’t.



Box Grove Community Association

Box Grove Neighbourhood Watch Program

Box Grove Neighbourhood WatchThe Box Grove Neighbourhood Watch program started in 2010 is actively  growing.

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